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Welcome All Business Owners

We are a service-oriented company promoted and managed by professionals and retired senior government officers with support from a group of IT professionals to enhance our National Vision in developing a knowledge-based community using ICT.

We serve all sectors of business including manufacturers, traders and others whose activities are regulated by laws, by providing information with solutions to their problems.

We assist SME and SMI companies in Malaysia for

Consultancy on Compliance:

with Government Laws and Regulations. Our consultants – senior lawyers and retired senior government officers.

Provide Up-to-date Information:

on Government policies, incentives, relevant legislation and procedures including changes and implementation.

Alert before expiry date of all Licences/Permits:

issued by Local, State and Federal Departments.

Referral to downline service providers and consultants:

Government compliances applications

Accountancy, auditing & taxation

Company secretarial services

Customs tariffs, sales/service tax & LMW applications

Financial advisory services (SMI & CGC Loans)

Land matters

Legal matters

Trade & Business Contacts:

through private & public organizations in the country and overseas – interaction between members for mutual benefits and trade contacts.