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Registrar of Society

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What is the Registrar of Societies Malaysia?

Registrar of Society Malaysia is one of the departments under the Ministry of Interior, which is the main government body that oversees the registration of an establishment. In other words, the organization is also commonly referred to as non-governmental bodies. For that purpose, the laws in force are the Societies Act 1966 and regulations made thereunder, the 1984 Organisation regulations enforced by the Department. Under the Act, an organization id defined as including any club, company, partnership or association of seven or more persons, whether temporary or permanent, formed or registered under any written law. Words are not established or registered under any written law other. This is important because the companies, clubs and partnerships that are basically oriented business and making a profit is not registered with the Department, but is under the jurisdiction of other departments within the government machinery. Organizations under the jurisdiction of the Department is basically patterned voluntary organizations and helping one another in the form of social, political and psychological.

What are the functions of the Registrar of Societies Malaysia?

The main functions of The Registry of Societies of Malaysia are to administer and enforce the Societies Act 1966, Societies Regulations 1984 and policies pertaining to societies; control and supervise societies so as not to become incompatible with peace, welfare, security, public order, decorum or morality of Malaysia as well as manage and keep registration records relating to registered societies and their branches.