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Cradle to Grave

Every individual is affected by the laws and regulations of the country from the cradle to the grave.

  • When a baby is born, he/she is required to be registered with the National Registration Department and he/she will be issued with a birth certificate. Parents who have no children may want to adopt a child.
  • A person will need an International Passport to travel overseas.
  • He/she may have been Insured by the parents for personal accidents, sickness and/or life.
  • When he/she has achieved a competent age, he/she may opt for a Driving License.
  • To own a motor vehicle, he/she may need to enter into a hire-purchase agreement with a Finance Company/Bank under the relevant law.
  • When he/she starts working, the Labour Law sets in to regulate his/her working life. EPF, SOCSO, and Taxation matters arise at this stage.
  • To own a property, he/she may need to obtain a loan from a Bank and enter into a Sale and Purchase Agreement with the developer or vendor.
  • When he/she gets married, the marriage must be registered with the National Registration Department.
  • When the marriage breaks down, divorce petition is to be filed at the High Court. Claims for maintenance and custody of children may arise. Will writing may be possible.
  • When he/she commits crime or statutory offence, he/she will be punishable. In the event of bankruptcy, he/she may want to discharge the status of bankruptcy.
  • When he/she dies, Death Certificate must be obtained to enable estate to be distributed among the beneficiaries. Claims under an insurance policy may also arise.
  • Dealing with government departments such as EPF (for withdrawal of his/her savings) is therefore inevitable.