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Business Legal Documentations

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1.Purchase Order

A written sales contract between buyer and seller which authorizes a purchase transaction. It is a binding contract detailing the exact merchandise or services to be rendered from a single vendor which sets forth the descriptions, quantities, prices, discounts, payment terms, date of performance, shipping terms and all other obligations and conditions. Purchase orders are generally preprinted with unique purchase order number as a tracking reference.

2.Packing List

It is a shipping document containing the itemized list of articles which usually included in the shipping package, entailing the content description, quantity, and weight. Content pricing is excluded. Prepared by the shipper and sent to the consignee for accurate tallying of the delivered goods. Also known as “Bill of Parcels”, “Packing Slip” or “Unpacking Note”.

3.Delivery Order

A legal document giving written instructions to the recipient or the bailee to release supplies or goods to the designated individual which indicates the full details and information in relation to the delivery. It is an important document in 2 ways:

1.it has full details of how the delivery will take place

2.warrants the release of a shipment from port or other authorities

4. Invoice

A commercial document that itemizes a transaction between a buyer and a seller which establishes an obligation on the part of the purchaser to pay, creating an account receivable. It serves as a demand for payment and becomes a document of title when paid in full. It identifies the trading parties, describes and quantifies the items sold, date of shipment, mode of transport prices, discounts, delivery and payment terms. Also known as “Bill of Sale” or “Contract of Sale” and includes:

Commercial Invoice

Consular Invoice

Customs Invoice

Pro Forma Invoice

5.Payment / Credit Term

Standard or negotiated terms (offered by the seller to the buyer) in regards to:

1.the monthly and total credit amount

2.maximum time allowed for repayment

3.discount for cash or early payment

4.late payment penalty

Fairly common for cash-strapped businesses, or those that have no backup line of credit to absorb any short-term cash shortfalls.

6. Statement of Account

A periodic summary of account activity issued by a supplier to the customer, listing transactions over a given period, usually on a monthly basis. Includes details of invoices, payments received and any credits approved with a resultant balance payable by the customer. In “banking” term, monthly credit card bills are also considered as Statement of Account.

8. Bill of Lading

A legal document between the shipper of a particular good and the carrier detailing the type, quantity and destination of the good being transported. Acting as a contract of carriage of goods and receipt of shipment for cargo accepted for transportation, it must be presented for taking delivery at the predetermined destination. It serves as a proof of ownership (title) of the cargo, and may be issued either in negotiable or non-negotiable form. In negotiable form, it is commonly used in letter of credit transactions, and may be bought, sold, or traded which is required in all claims for compensation for any damage, delay, loss and for the resolution of disputes regarding ownership of the cargo.

10. Rental/Lease Agreement

A rental agreement is a written document which establishes or modifies the terms and conditions concerning the use and occupancy of a dwelling and its premises. A lease agreement is a contract between a lessor and a lessee that allows the lessee rights to the use of a property owned or managed by the lessor for a period of time. It does not constitute right of ownership. However, the lessor may grant certain allowances to modify, change or otherwise adapt the property to suit the needs of the lessee. In return, the lessee is obliged to ensure that the property in proper condition.

11.Business Operational & Management Agreement

12. Distribution Agreement

15.Guarantee Agreement

It is an agreement where the guarantor, gives obligations towards the beneficiary, to pay the debts of a certain debtor, in the event that the debtor fails to pay the debts. It assumes responsibility of assuring payment or fulfillment of another’s obligations which usually made in the event of loans. Performance bond or other type of guarantee in which the guarantor effectively becomes a co-signatory to the underlying contract. And, unlike in a demand guarantee (standby letter of credit), the guarantor acquires certain rights under the contract and can challenge the obligee’s demand for payment of the guarantee sum. Also known as “Ancillary Guarantee”.

16. Joint Venture Agreement

17. Business Sale Agreement

It is a legal contract under which ownership and possession of a good, or entitlement to a service, is transferred from the seller (vendor) to the buyer (purchaser) for a specified sum of money. It creates a right to obtain a sale deed and fixes a time for completion, payment of earnest money or part payment of purchase consideration. It is especially vital in the conduct of business operations that provides remedies in law or binding arbitration if the agreement is breached by one of the parties to the agreement.

18. Sale And Purchase Agreement

It is a formal contract between the seller (vendor) and the buyer (purchaser) for the transfer of either shares or assets, under a certain terms and conditions spelled out in writing to be signed by both parties which assure certainty as to the value, identity and ownership of the assets to be sold, agreed consideration and the mode of payment to be provided in exchange for the assets or shares.

20. Show Cause Letter


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  6. Act A1299 Companies (Amendment) Act 2007
  7. Limited Liability Partnership Act 2012
  8. Companies Regulations 1966
  9. Registration of Business Rules 1957
  10. Limited Liability Partnership Regulations 2012
  11. Computer Crimes Act 1997
  12. Digital Signature Act 1997
  13. Copyright Act 1987
  14. Communication & Multimedia Act 1998
  15. Direct Sales Act 1993


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