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Banking & Finance


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Ensuring continuous improvement in working capital is imperative for continuous and sustainable growth in business. Working capital can be raise by both internally and also by external financing. Raising working capital internally usually comes from shareholder's injection of capital, while external funding primarily refers to borrowing from financial institution and government grants.

Borrowing from financial institution as well as grants require strict compliance to the respective institution's lending procedures.

We will assist SME (Small Medium Enterprise) and SMI (Small Medium Industries) in preparing them to meet those lending requirement set by financial institution so they could borrow funds from financial institutions to support their business growth.

Capital Raising

Internal Capital Injection

  1. Own fund – Sole Proprietor
  2. Partnership participation – Partnership
  3. Investors – Issuing of shares to interested Investor/Increase in existing equity stake

External Funding

  1. Loan from Financial Institution
  2. Grant – Government/Government Agencies

Banking Facilities


An overdraft allows a current holder to withdraw in excess of his/her credit balance up to an approved limit. The utilized portion of the overdraft will be subject to interest charges.

Term Loan/Fixed Loan

A term loan is a loan granted for a period of time and repaid in monthly installments. A loan of this structure is suitable for asset acquisition such as purchase of land & building, machineries, equipments etc.

Multi-Trade Facilities

  1. Letter of Credit (LC)
    This facility enables a business to import goods promptly. This facility widely used by local Purchasers.
  2. Trust Receipt (TR)
    This is an ideal financial tool that can help improve your liquidity simply by allowing your goods to be delivered to you with payment to be made later, especially goods imported/purchased under LC.
  3. Banker's Acceptance (BA)
    Banker's Acceptance facility is primarily require to finance working capital. It can finance either cash purchases in which the Bank will pay to suppliers OR credit sales, in which the Bank will reimburse seller for the credit period extended to Purchasers.
  4. Bank Guarantee (BG)
    Both Guarantees will supplement cash outflow hence to sustain existing working capital.

    • Performance Guarantee or also known as Performance Bond usually issued to contract awarder as to guarantee performance.
    • Financial Guarantee
      Guarantees issued to government agencies such as Jabatan Imigresen, Kastam, TNB etc as payment guarantee.
  5. Hire Purchase
    To finance Purchases of Private/Commercial vehicles as well as other moving machineries such as JCB, caterpillars
  6. Leasing
    Largely to finance heavy machineries, equipments for commercial/ industrial use.
  7. Bridging Loan
    Usually granted for housing or mixed development projects, the terms of the loan are flexible to meet customer's needs and are designed to meet the cash flow requirements pending the receipt of project income.
  8. End-Financing
    Usually granted to property developers to enable the shops and house developed to be sold to purchasers. To facilitate financing of Purchasers of Property under this Developer.

List of Licensed Banking Institutions in Malaysia


  1. Central Bank of Malaysia Act 1958. (part III)
  2. Central Bank of Malaysia Act 2009
  3. Development Financial Institutions Act 2002
  4. Financial Services Act 2013
  5. Islamic Financial Services Act 2013
  6. Bills of Exchange Act 1949
  7. Money Services Business Act 2011
  8. Anti-Money Laundering, Anti-Terrorism Financing and Proceeds of Unlawful Activities Act 2001
  9. Insurance Act 1996